Seminars 2014

During DocPoint, many interesting seminars about current topics in both society and filmmaking are organised. 



Main seminar: Nuclear Business

Sat 1st FEB 12pm – 4pm, Bio Rex Lasipalatsi, Mannerheimintie 22-24

Nuclear Business, the main seminar of DocPoint 2014, deals with the issues of nuclear power, the environment and the future. The event starts at 12pm with a screening of Robert Stone’s documentary Pandora’s Promise, a film that created a stir upon its release. The film follows five environmentalists who previously led the charge against nuclear power, but now have changed their point of view in the matter.


Risto Isomäki, science writer
Peter Lund, professor / Aalto University
Lauri Muranen, specialist / Energiateollisuus ry
Heidi Hautala
Juhani Hyvärinen, professor / Lappeenranta University of Technology

Moderator: Pasi Toiviainen, science journalist

Tickets to film screening 8,00 €, entry to the discussion after the film screening is free of charge.



AHO & SOLDAN discussion: Film and literature

Sat 1st FEB 2014 12pm – 4pm, Dubrovnik, Eerikinkatu 11

Aho & Soldan awarded director Kanerva Cederström is celebrated for the whole morning. In the Aho & Soldan award ceremony at noon in Andorra the director is handed the award, followed by a screening of Cederström’s movies Trans-Siberia and Lost and Found. The screening is followed at 2pm by a discussion on Cederström’s films and their relationship with literature, led by Kanerva Cederström and Finlandia-awarded author Riikka Pelo.

Cederström’s installation Trans-Amerika at 11am – 5pm in Dubrovnik.

Film screening 8 €, discussion and installation are free of charge.






Past events:



Encounters: The Final Steps of Documentary Film - from rough cut to festivals

Thu 30th JAN at 9.30am – 6.30pm, Nordic Culture Point, Kaisaniemenkatu 9


Encounters is a three-phased seminar day aimed at film industry professionals and students. In the rough cut stage, 3-4 documentaries in their rough cut stages are presented to the panel, who then discusses the project’s development. The workshop is realised in cooperation with EDN – European Documentary Network. In the second phase different festival representatives explain their festivals’ submission procedures. Five different film events with different focuses are represented during Meet the Festivals. Finally, the concept of Nordic documentary brand is discussed.

THE SEMINAR IS FULL. Further information: annu.suvanto(at)