DocPoint Screening Cards

Get your DocPoint Screening Cards now! When buying a Screening Card, you will get the tickets for screenings at a cheaper price than when buying individual tickets. Each Screening Card buyer also gets a cataloque. 


Ticket prices:

Screening ticket 8 €
Screening card (5 tickets) 37 €
Screening card (8 tickets) 55 €
Screening card (10 tickets) 64 €

The screening cards are not personal and several tickets to a particular screening can be claimed with them.


The individual screening tickets can be purchased from 17th January onwards from DocPoint’s online box office and box office at Bio Rex Lasipalatsi (tickets to screenings at Bio Rex, Andorra and Orion) or from Finnkino’s online box office and all Finnkino box offices (tickets to screenings at Maxim and Kinopalatsi).

The discount which the buyer of the screening card gets from the tickets is also available online. Before purchasing individual tickets you first have to buy a screening card. With the code of the screening card, tickets can be purchased from DocPoint’s online box office, box offices and from Finnkino’s box offices (Note! Not from Finnkino's online box office).

In the Finnkino Online Sales the customer has to pick “DocPoint E-Coupon 5, 8 or 10”. Please note that it can be used only for the DocPoint screenings organised in Finnkino theatres (Maxim and Kinopalatsi). The e-screening cards are valid only in the Finnkino online sales and not at the box offices.

With any questions related to tickets, please contact liput(at)