Guests and Q&A's

DocPoint hosts every year a number of interesting international film directors. Guest introductions and Q&A information are updated to this page in January.


Kiur Aarma

Director, The Gold Spinners

Born in Tallinn in 1975, Kiur Aarma has studied film and media in the university of Tartu. He is a well known Estonian television journalist, screenwriter and producer.

His earlier productions include Disco and Atomic War (2009), The Blue Hills (2006) and Greetings from Soviet Estonia! (2007). The first of which is an award-winning co-production with another guest of this year’s DocPoint festival, Jaak Kilmi.

Aarma’s new film The Gold Spinners tells the story of the only advertising agency in the Soviet Union: Eesti Reklaamfilm.

Kiur Aarma in Helsinki Feb 1st - 2nd.



Markús Þór Andrésson

Director, Time and Time and Again

Markús Þór Andrésson, born in 1975 Switzerland, is an Icelandic freelance writer, movie maker and an art curator. He holds a M.A. in Curatorial Studies from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College (2007). He also has a B.A. in Studio Arts from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

DocPoint is screening the film Time and Time and Again by Andrésson and Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir. The film consists of a film and a multiscreen installation accompanying a touring art exhibition. It is a story about time and memory as well as art trough the art-works and life of Hreinn Friðfinnssonin

Markús Þór Andrésson in Helsinki Jan 1st - Feb 2nd.



Noël Dernesch

Director, Journey to Jah

Noël Dernesch, born in Zurich, now lives and works in Berlin. Educated at the School of Art and Media Design in Zurich, where he specialised in Film & Video. Since then he works as an independent movie director and video artist.

DocPoint screens his and Moritz Springer´s fillm Journey to Jah. The fil is is a story of the seeking and finding of a spiritual home in a foreign culture, one that follows people who are connected by one thing: music. Dernesch and Springer were filming for 7 years together with their camera man Marcus Winterbauer.

Noël Dernesch in Helsinki Jan 28th - 30th.



Anna Eborn

ohjaaja, Pine Rigde

Anna Eborn, born in 1983, is a Swedish-born film maker who now lives in Denmark. Her first feature documentary Pine Ridge premiered in the official selection at Venice Film Festival 2013 and is now screened at DocPoint. The film is about the life of young people living in a Native American reservation in South Dakota.

Eborn is avoiding interviews with the protagonists of her films while filming in order to show her objects as truthfully and objectively as possible. Eborn sees herself as a listener and an observer and wants the situations to be kept authentic and real.

Anna Eborn in Helsinki Jan 31st - Feb 1st.



Wiktor Ericsson

Director, The Sarnos - A Life in Dirty Movies

Wiktor Ericsson was educated at Sweden’s national film school, where he has also worked as a guest teacher. He has had a productive career as a screenwriter and director, but the movie about Sarnos family is his first first documentary feature.

His Film The Sarnos is an intimate portrait of American sexploitation director Joe Sarno who moved from US to Sweden together with his wife and co-worker Peggy. 88-yeal old Joe is starting to write his next erotic-movie script.

Wiktor Ericsson in Helsinki Jan 31st - Feb 2nd.





Director, Vanishing Point -section

VALIE EXPORT is an Austrian artist, whos works are shown at DocPoints avantgardistic series Vanishing Point. She is one of the most important pioneers on conceptual media art, performance and film. One of the powerfull themes of VALIE EXPORT´s works is feminism.

EXPORT was working briefly in a clothing shop and as an extra in the movie industry, until she got enough of the oppressive attitudes towards women. Wit her art she attacks distorted structures of the class society and the hypocrisy of the Bourgeoisie.

VALIE EXPORT in Helsinki Jan 29th - Feb 2nd.
EXPORT´s lecture at Theatre Academy Helsinki (Teatterikorkeakoulu) 
on Friday 31.1. at 2pm. Open for public.



Bente Fokkens

Protagonist, Bente´s voice

Bente Fokkens was 11 years old when she participated in the Dutch singing contest The Voice Kids in 2012. Soon she became well known. During the contest Bente's everyday life was filmed into a documentary which portrays how a young girl dreaming of becoming a singer suddenly has a lot of questions to ponder.

Bente's Voice is shown as a part of DOKKINO programme targeted for children and youngsters. Bente Fokkens visits the DocPoint festival along with the director Marijn Frank.

Bente Fokkens in Helsinki Jan 30th - Feb 1st.



Marijn Frank

Director, Bente's Voice

Marijn Frank, born in 1982, is a Dutch TV and documentary maker. Her gratuation film Daddy has Gone and Left me Puzzled won Tuschinski Award at the Netherland's Film Festival.

Frank directed Bente's voice in order to find out what participating in a talent show does to a kid. She followed Bente Fokkens for few months during her participation in The Voice Kids.

Marijn Frank in Helsinki on Jan 30th - Feb 1st.



Ernie Gehr

Director, Vanishing Point-section

Ernie Gehr’s (born in 1941) productions are mathematically precise: his works transmit their idea and context without artistic mannerisms or excess trickery. Gehr was inspired to begin making films in the 1960s and is a self-taught artist.

Gehr's film Serene Velocity has been chosen to the U.S. Congress Library’s National Film Registry as a part of the most important cultural heritage of the country. That and six other of his masterpieces are shown at DocPoint.

Ernie Gehr in Helsinki on Jan 28th - Feb 1st Gehr's lecture at Kuvataideakatemia (Finnish Academy of Fine Arts) Thursday 30.1. at 1pm. Open for public.



Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir

Director, Time and Time and Again

Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir, born in 1975, is a filmmaker and an artist living in Iceland. Her studies include Bard College, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, with MFA in Fine Arts. She has earned a MA in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths College, University of London and BA in Anthropology from University of Iceland. She is also an editor and founder of an Icelandic interactive arts magazine.

Gestsdóttir directed the film Time and time and again together with Markús Þór Andrésson. This film about time and art are based on the life and work of Icelandic artist Hreinn Friðfinnsson, whose work is a poetic and philosophical exploration into every-day human experience.

Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir in Helsinki on Jan 31st - Feb 2nd.



Tobias Janson

Producer, At Night I FlyBelleville Baby

Tobias Janson is a Swedish producer, film editor and teacher. He is invited to DocPoint in the  producer's role of the film At Night I Fly. It is a story of the legendary and highly guarded Folsom-prison in California.

Janson has also produced another film screened at DocPoint; Belleville Baby by Mia Engberg. Engberg's film is based on memories that combine fiction and facts.

Tobias Janson in Helsinki on Jan 29th - 31st.



Jaak Kilmi

Director, Paper Town

Jaak Kilmi is an Estonian filmmaker born in 1973 in Tallinn. He studied film directing at the Tallinn Pedagogical University and is known for his films Revolution of Pigs (2004) and Disco and Atomic War (2009).

Kilmi's latest shortfilm Papertown is now shown at DocPoint. In the  centre of the film is Fjodor, building the old city of Narva out of cardboard paper, while Mats demolishes old brick houses of present Narva.

Jaak Kilmi in Helsinki 28. - 29.1.



Kim Longinotto

Director, DocPoint´s main guest & Masterclass-lecturer

The films of Kim Longinotto, born in 1952 England, discuss controversial topics. Her protagonists are often women who fight for their rights and for a better tomorrow. Known for her cinéma vérité, Longinotto constructs a warm image of the subjects, while remaining objective and impartial.

Longinotto has been awarded with various honours all over the world, the Prix Art et Essai at Cannes International Film Festival being among them. In 2009 her career was celebrated with a retrospective in MoMA, New York.

Kim Longinotto in Helsinki on Jan 31st - Feb 2nd.



Vitali Mansky

Director, Pipeline

Vitali Mansky is a Russian filmmaker and screenwriter, born in Ukraine in 1963. Mansky was planning to make fiction movies when he studied at the Moscow Film School, but soon decided that people needed to know the truth about their tragic history and complex present, and started to work on documentaries instead.

Mansky's work consists from over 20 pieces, from which DocPoint is screening his latest, Pipeline. The film follows the course of the Trans-Siberian gas pipeline through perceptive scenes from everyday life.

Vitali Mansky in Helsinki on Jan 28th - 30th.



Sebastian Mez

Director, Metamorphosen

Sebastian Mez, born in 1982 wrote, directed and edited his graduation film Metamorphosen. He studied at Filmhochschule Baden-Württemberg and is now living in Berlin.

Metamorphosen deals with the more or less hushed up case of nuclear accidents in Russia’s Urals region and around the highly contaminated river Tetscha. The can be seen in various festivals worldwide

Sebastian Mez in Helsinki on Jan 29th - Jan 31st.



Mark Mori

Director, Bettie Page Reveals All

Mark Mori is an American filmmaker, television producer and screenwriter, whose first documentary Building Bombs (1989) was nominated for a 1990 Academy award. Since then Mori has been doing a lot.

Oscar, Emmy and Sundance nominee Mori’s newest piece Betty Page Reveals All will have its international premiere at DocPoint this year.

The name of the documentary already reveals all that one out to know before watching the film. Mori succeeded on capturing an intimate film about the famous pin-up model, who disappeared from the spotlight just when her career hit the top.

Mark Mori in Helsinki on Jan 31 - Feb 2nd.



Meelis Muhu

Director, PMR

Meelis Muhu is born in 1972 in Järvamaa, Estonia. He is a filmmaker and a producer. He studied Film- & TV-directing at 1996 Tallinn Pedagogical University and has worked for the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Muhu´s works consist of Aljosa (2008), Wikmani poisid (1995) and Lurjus (1999) and several others. Meelis Muhu and Kristina Norman directed PMR. The film follows the 2011 presidential elections and  paints a striking picture of a region whose political system is based on old threats. 

Meelis Muhu in Helsinki Feb 1st - Feb 2nd


Birgit Myklebust

Protagonist, The Optimists

Birgit Myklebust is one of the protagonists in The Optimists directed by Gunhild Westhagen Magnor. She was born in Sweden but moved to Norway and worked there as a teacher. In the film she is a 68-year old optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic volleyball-player who is the inventer of the “boxing-box” and organized sponsors for the team, so that they could travel to a match in Sweden.

Birgit Myklebust in Helsinki Jan 31st - Feb 2nd.



Gerardo Naumann

Director, Ricardo Bär

Gerardo Naumann, born in Buenos Aires in 1976, has wrote and directed several theatre plays. 

He directed together with Nele Wohlatz their first documentary film Ricardo Bär. The film is a story about a young evangelist who is on a path to become a pastor one day. This documenting leads the directors as well as the protagonist, to face a series of important difficulties on their path.

Gerardo Naumann in Helsinki on Jan 31st - Feb 1st.



Kristina Norman

Director, PMR

Kristina Norman is an artist and documentary maker based in Tallinn. Norman is the youngest artist to have represented Estonia at the international Venice Biennale (2009) and her works have been acquired by prestigious museums both in Estonia (Kumu Art Museum) and Finland (Kiasma).

DocPoint is screening PMR by Kristina Norman and Meelis Muhu. The film follows the 2011 presidential elections and  paints a striking picture of a region whose political system is based on old threats. 

Kristina Norman in Helsinki Feb 1st - Feb 2nd



Sergio Oksman

Director, A Story for the Modlins

Sergio Oksman is a director and writer, born in 1970 in Brasil. He studied Journalism in Sao Paulo and Film in New York. He is a film teacher in Madrid, and runs the production company Dok Films. 

A Story for the Modlins has been shown at Sundance, New York Film Festival, FID Marseille and more, and has received many awards. The film tells a story of an old movie-extra Elmer Modlin, who´s history was thrown on the street in a box.

Sergio Oksman in Helsinki on Jan 29th - Jan 31st.


Jessica Oreck

Director, Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys

Director, writer and producer Jessica Oreck is the daughter of United States Ambassadors in Helsinki. She is previously known for her documentary Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo (2009) and her new web series This Working Man. Oreck ended up in Finland because of the opportunity that her fathers job provided. Oreck herself says that all her films are in a way inspired by travel. She enjoys watching people who are concentrated on what they are doing with detail-oriented intensity.

Oreck visits DocPoint with her new film Aatsinki – The Story of Arctic Cowboys. The film is about quiet Aatsinki brothers who are reindeer herders from Lapland.


Nicolas Philibert

Director, La Maison de la radio

Nicolas Philibert is a French film director and actor. He has directed nine films since 1978. Philibert is best known for his 2002 documentary about a rural French school, To Be and to Have

In the film La Maison de la radio, Philibert has accepted the challenge to portray a place which cannot usually be seen; Radio France´s endless corridors and studios. Philibert’s film is a monument to the diligent creators behind the medium of radio.
Nicolas Philibert in Helsinki on Jan 29th - Jan 30th. 


Marina Razbezhkina

Director, Optical Axis

Director and writer Marina Razbezhkina is one of the most influential figures of documentary filmmaking in Russia today. Razbezhkina is known from her previous films such as Winter, Go Away and Harvest Time, which was her first feature film. Marina Razbezhkina's School of Documentary Films and Documentary Theatre is now one of the most popular film schools in Russia.

Optical Axis (2013) from Razbezkhina is shown in DocPoint this year. The documentary takes a journey trough two lenses to go back in time for hundred years.

Marina Razbezhkina in Helsinki on Jan 28th - 30st.


The Riahi Brothers

Director, Everyday Rebellion

The Riahi Brothers were born in Iran. Their family then moved in 1983 to Austria as political refugees.

Arash T. Riahi studied Film and the Arts and he has his own film and media production company Golden Girls Filmproduktion which he founded in 1998. Arash has written, directed and edited several award-winning documentaries, shorts, experimental films, music videos and commercials.

Arman T. Riahi did his first short films as a teenager in Vienna. He studied media technologies and worked as a screen- and graphic designer in London & Vienna. Armans first cinema documentary was the award winning Schwarzkopf.

Both of the brothers have worked for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF and last year they finished their first co-direction Everyday Rebellion.

Everyday Rebellion, shown is DocPoint, is a pulsating journey with activists to: Occupy Wall Street, FEMEN, and the troubles in Syria. Justice, human rights and democracy are good reasons to rise to the barricades.

Arash & Arman T. Riahi in Helsinki on Jan 31st - Feb 2nd.



Ben Rivers

Director, A Spell to Ward of the Darkness

Famous for his short films, Ben Russel studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art and received the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists 2010.

Rivers breaktrough, also seen in DocPoint, Two Years at Sea (2011), is a portrait of the main character Jake Williams, a scottish hermit.

At DocPoint we’ll be seeing Rivers's co-direction with Ben Russell A Spell to Ward of the Darkness, where Robert A.A. Lowe, a musician tries out three different kinds of ways to live.

Rivers impact can be seen in the scenes with with patient interest towards the characters.

Rivers and Russell are two of the leading makers of contemporary experimental cinema and they share an interest with the history of ethnographic film.

Ben Rivers in Helsinki on Jan 28th - 30th.


Alina Rudnitskaya

Director, Blood

Alina Rudnitskaya was born in Murmansk, Russia 1976. She graduated from the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering in 1997 and continued to study Film Directing

Rudnitskaya is known for her film I Will Forget This Day (2009) which was also awarded at Tampere Film Festival. Her work has been shown worldwide. In her films Rudnitskaya usually describes the new Russian society.

At DocPoint we will be seeing her newest black and white film Blood that shows how a blood bank works at Russia. Blood won the Grand Prix Award at Moscow’s ArtDokFest.

Alina Rudnitskaya in Helsinki on Jan 30th - Feb 2nd.


Ben Russell

Director, A Spell to Ward of the Darkness

Ben Russell is an American media-artist and curator, who works with film, video, intallation and performance.

He has travelled around the globe; in North-America, South-America, Middle-East and Europe, making movies. His film debut Let Each One Go Where He May (2009) was about identity and the meaning of it and loosing it.

At DocPoint we’ll be seeing Russels co-direction with Ben Rivers A Spell to Ward of the Darkness, where Robert A.A. Lowe, a musician tries out three different kinds of ways to live.

Russell's impact can be seen in the scenes with powerful group dynamics.

Russell and Rivers are two of the leading makers of contemporary experimental cinema and they share an interest with the history of ethnographic film.

Ben Russell in Helsinki on Jan 28th - 30th.


Svetoslav Stoyanov

Director, The Last Black Sea Pirates

The Bulgarian documentary filmmaker Svetoslav Stoyanov was born in 1972 in Sofia. His first documentary has travelled several film festivals, despite of being so new. Depicting the life of a group of pirates, The Last Black Sea Pirates is Stoyanov’s first full length documentary film. His earlier productions include various other audiovisual projects, which have gotten their share of awards in European festivals.

The Last Black Sea Pirates is a tragicomic peek at the life of the pirates, their treasure hunt and the fear of the fleetingness of it all.

Svetoslav Sotyanov in Helsinki Jan 29th - Feb 1st.



Linda Västrik

Director, Forest of the Dancing Spirits

Linda Västrik, born in 1972, is a Swedish cinematographer and director whose first full-length feature documentary Forest of the Dancing Spirits is shown at DocPoint festival.

Västrik studied photography in New York in 1991– 92, after which she continued her studies at the University of Gothenburg. Later she studied the art and craft of directing documentaries at the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre in Stockholm. She graduated in 2000.

Västrik's film Forest of the Dancing Spirits follows the community life and religious rituals of the Aka people living in the rainforests of Congo. The documentary was filmed during the years of 2005–2012.

Linda Västrik in Helsinki on Jan 28th - 30th.



Gunhild Westhagen Magnor

Director, The Optimists

Gunhild Westhagen Magnor studied film and video at Lillehammer Collage and The Surrey Institute of art and Design. She has previously directed the documentaries Rabbit King (2007) and Wings Under Water (2005), and her recent documentary series were nominated for Best Documentary Series in Norway 2011.

Gunhild Westhagen Magnor´s film The Optimists tells a story about a senior volleyball team that has not played a match for 30 years, but they have a mission to change that.

Gunhild Westhagen Magnor in Helsinki on Jan 30th - Feb 1st.



Nele Wohlatz

Director, Ricardo Bär

Born in Hanover, Germany 1982, Nele Wohlatz studied film and set design in Karlsruhe.

2009 Wohlatz co-directed a short film Novios del Campo together with Gerardo Naumann. At DocPoint will be shown another co-direction of theirs, their first documentary Ricardo Bär.

In the film Wohlatz and Naumann follow Ricardo, a young man who wants to be a priest. The storyline gets split into two when the filmmakers are forced into an argument with the ones being filmed.

Nele Wohlatz in Helsinki on Jan 30th - Feb 1st.