Esityssarjat 2014

  • Lost_and_Found.jpg

    Aho & Soldan Award: Kanerva Cederström

    The retrospective of Kanerva Cederström presents nine of her films from the course of years including the Tove Jansson trilogy.

  • everyday_rebellion.jpg

    And action!

    Watch these and you just might get a revelation. The most important thing is to begin.

  • AStoryForTheModlins (4).jpg


    In these films the documentary film stretches its limits.

  • The Missing Picture (5).jpg

    Family Album

    What do the family albums reveal? Family business running a strip club, twin sisters separated at babyhood, pupet theatre...

  • Pandora´s Promise ©Robert  Stone.jpg

    Hard Core

    The main theme of DocPoint takes a good look at the energy production and especially at the nuclear power. Will nuclear power save the human kind, or are we about to leave a toxic heritage to our grandchildren?

  • Jean Rouch.jpg

    Jean Rouch - the Father of Ethnographic Film

    The works of the pioneer of ethnographic film take us lion hunting and show how life was in Ivory Coast in the year 1958.

  • journey to jah.jpg


    The protagonists in these films are magnetized by neon lights, universe and Metallica.

  • At night I fly Marty 2.jpg

    Lost in Places

    The films lead a way to a university in California, to a Swiss laundry room and to the exuberant but gloomy world of a vainglorious opera lover.

  • Kim_Longinotto.jpg

    Meet the Master: Kim Longinotto

    The films of the award-winning documentary film maker and the main guest of DocPoint, Kim Longinotto, give voice to the oppressed, silenced and marginal people.

  • 6954_kilometria_kotiin (2).jpg

    New Finnish Films

    The new Finnish documentaries take you from Lapland to Carelia and further around the world.

  • pienen_pientä_iloa1.jpg

    New Visions - Finnish Student Films

    Student films from Finnish film schools present hospital clowns, stories of Carelia and a fanclub of the late Finnish singer Jamppa Tuominen.

  • optimestene_K_Dimitri Koutsomytis (5).jpg

    Old Spice

    The protagonists of these films have got a right attitude. The iconic Bettie Page, charming volley ball grandmothers and an aged porno auteur give us something to think about!

  • radiodokkarikuva_yle2.jpg

    Radio Documentaries

    The audio journeys by Yle Dokumenttiryhmä show you the secret history of Leonard Cohen, Krishna's brides and typewriters.

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    Special Screenings

    The festival’s Special Screenings present a talented 11-year-old Dutch singer, a surprise screening, rousette skating and a workshop of humanitarian warfare – on top of the actual documentary screenings! 

  • SereneVelocity MV_K_Ernie_Gehr_480x240px.jpg

    Vanishing Point

    In 2014 DocPoint's avant-garde Vanishing Point series presents two pioneers of moving image, Ernie Gehr and VALIE...

  • Abba_the_movie.jpg

    VOXPoint - Cinephonic Concert

    This year's VOXPoint is filled with extacy of singalong. Let's go crazy with the cult classic from the 70's: ABBA – The Movie!

  • Blood.jpg

    Work Like a Charm

    For some the only income is donating blood while others make their hobby a profession. Sometimes keeping up appearances passes as work.