Ticket sales start on Friday

Ticket sales for individual screenings start on Friday 17th of January at 11 AM. Tickets for the upcoming festival can be purchased in advance at Bio Rex, DocPoint's website, Finnkino's theatres nationwide and Finnkino's website.





A single ticket costs 8 euros. You can also purchase a screening card, which makes individual tickets less expensive. You can exchange individual tickets with your screening card from January 17th onwards.

During the festival Jan 28th - Feb 2nd individual tickets can be purchased at all the festival theatres, DocPoint's website and Finnkino's website.

Tickets for Bio Rex, Andorra and Orion are sold at DocPoint's website and all the theatres mentioned above.

Tickets for Maxim and Kinopalatsi are sold at Finnkino's theatres and Finnkino's website.


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Image from the film Faith Connections by Pan Nalin