Side Events 2014

DocPoint goes way beyond films! One can experience the festival all around the city for example at a rousette skating event or by sitting on a comfortable armchair, listening to radio documentaries while waiting for the subway.


Radio Documentaries Jan 28th-Feb 2nd 2014

Bio Rex Lasipalatsi, Kompassiaukio at the Main Railway Station, Malmitalo (Feb 3rd-Feb 7th)


Yle Dokumenttiryhmä offers DocPoint-goers audio experiences as an alternative for traditional documentary films. The listening points placed around the city offer a possibility to make an audio journey while sitting in a comfortable armchair. One can surrender to the auditory images in three different points around the city.

The listening points on Rautatientori and Bio Rex Lasipalatsi are there for the festival week, and the one in Malmitalo on Feb 3rd - Feb 7th.




Short radio documentaries (the language of the documentaries is Finnish):

Aune Waronen: Ajatuksia, 1'
Mikko Järvinen: Listaykkönen, 4'30
Noora Vikman: Tuulisuoja, 4'30
Hannu Karisto: Francescon maailma, 8'
Katri Puro: Torvi, 8' 



Exhibition: CALL NO MAN HAPPY UNTIL HE IS DEAD, opening Wed 29th Jan at 6 pm

Thu 30th Jan - Sun 9th Feb, opening hours Wed-Sun 1pm - 6pm, Sorbus gallery, Vaasankatu 15

The artist-directors Ben Russell and Ben Rivers of the film A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness are visiting Helsinki not only as guests of DocPoint festival, but also to open their brand new exhibition in Sorbus gallery. The video installation Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead (film loop and record players, 6:30 loop, 2013) is screened in the gallery on Jan 30th - Feb 9th.

“It’s been a prevalent notion. Fallen sparks. Fragments of vessels broken at the Creation. And someday, somehow, before the end, a gathering back to home. A messenger from the Kingdom, arriving at the last moment. But I tell you there is no such message, no such home – only the millions of last moments... nothing more. Our history is an aggregate of last moments.”
Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

This video installation presents a group of viking re-enactors whose
actions are variably synched to a explosive real-time collage of early
black metal recordings.  Men and violence, ritual and play, death as the
dream of infinity.

"Call no man happy until he is dead." - Aeschylus



Vanishing Point: Open Lectures by Ernie Gehr and VALIE EXPORT

Masters of avantgarde film Ernie Gehr and VALIE EXPORT arrive as guests of DocPoint festival. In addition to the Vanishing Point film screenings at Orion, Gehr and EXPORT both will give public lectures for the interested. The lectures are free of charge. Read more about the films. 


Thu Jan 30th at 1 pm Ernie Gehr, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, VILHO seminar room, Sörnäisten Rantatie 27 C 

Fri Jan 31st at 2 pm VALIE EXPORT, Theatre Academy Helsinki, Haapaniemenkatu 6





Finnish Red Cross and DocPoint present: Rousette Skating

Come spend a delightful afternoon with friends! In the Finnish Red Cross and DocPoint co-operative screening we see The Optimists, a charming film about a Norwegian women’s senior volleyball team. Present at the screening are the director and one of the film’s main characters. The screening is followed by rousette skating on the Railway Station Main Square ice park, where you can meet new people as well as Red Cross’ volunteers. 40 first get the skates rental free with their movie ticket, you can also bring your own skates.

Sat 1st FEB at 1pm The Optimists, Kinopalatsi 7, at 3pm – 5 pm rousette skating at the ice park.

The event on Facebook.


DocPoint and Amnesty present: Everyday Rebellion 

Human rights organization Amnesty International is co-operating with DocPoint on Sunday Feb 2nd in the screening of Everyday Rebellion. Before the screening, an address by Amnesty will be heard, and after the film the audience has a chance to participate in a photograph event and let the public know what they would be ready to do in order to change the world. Even a bit.

Sun 2nd FEB at 5:30 pm Everyday Rebellion, Kinopalatsi 8





Finnish Red Cross and DocPoint present: At the Borders of Humanity

What does it feel like to teach the principles of humanitarian warfare to a guerrilla group leader? In the workshop led by professionals working on disaster areas the public gets to experience what it is like to work for peace in a war situation and what kind of opportunities humanitarian help in reality has. The workshop is in Dubrovnik right after the screening of Diary from the Revolution, entrance to the workshop with the movie ticket (max. 60 people). 

Wed 29th JAN at 5pm Diary from the Revolution, Andorra, at 6.30pm workshop, Dubrovnik. The event on Facebook.