Nicolas Philibert and The Riahi Brothers are visiting DocPoint

At the end of January, the DocPoint attracts a varied crowd of filmmakers to make the festival even more lively. Some 30 filmmakers will attend the festival and the audience will get to meet them in the Q&As that will be organized together with the screening of their films.



The most honoured guest and the hostess of this year’s Masterclass seminar, British Kim Longinotto is currently one of the most interesting documentary film directors in the world. Known for her cinéma vérité, she lets her protagonists tell their own stories. Delving into contriversial topics, Longinotto often chooses to focus on women who are opressed and of little means, but making up for it in courage. They will fight for theis rights and those of others. The annual Masterclass seminar welcomes everyone interested in documentary filmmaking. The enrollment for Masterclass is open until January 17th.


Another master of cinéma vérité, French Nicolas Philibert will also join DocPoint this year. He is also know for his greatly successful To Be and to Have (2001). This year’s DocPoint will present the director’s newest documentary film, LA MAISON DE LA RADIO, which follows the everyday of France’s national radio channel Radio France. The film makes visible what is only heard on the radio. Last time Philibert visited DocPoint in 2010, when he hosted the Masterclass seminar.


The festival also welcomes Arash T. Riahi and Arman T. Riahi, who have directed EVERYDAY REBELLION, a documentary film about protests and grassroots activism. Also known as The Riahi Brothers, the filmmakers had to leave Iran for Austria in 1982 as political refugees. Both have directed multiple award-winning films.


Interesting directors from Russia will also join the festival. Alina Rudnitskaya is known of her documentary film I Will Forget This Day, that received the Best Documentary award in Tampere Film Festival in 2012, but this year DocPoint will show her new film THE BLOOD, which follows a Russian blood bank at work. Also Marina Razbezhkina, an award-winning writer and director – plus a much loved teacher, will join her film OPTICAL AXIS at this year’s DocPoint.


The guest that especially the younger audience will be interested in comes from the Netherlands. 13-year-old Bente Fokkens is a famous singer who took part in her country’s The Voice Kids reality programme in 2012. The documentary film BENTE'S VOICE follows the young girl in her everyday during the televised singing competition. The film will be shown as part of the DOKKINO section of the festival, and at the screeening Bente herself will delight the audience with a live performance showcasing her singing.


The guests of DocPoint 2014


Kim Longinotto's Masterclass



Image: The Riahi Brothers by Nelaamp nbsp Maerki