Finnish Directors

Pia Andell

Director, Patron

Pia Andell (b. 1964) is a director and scriptwriter from Turku. Her previous works include the award-winning Göring’s Baton (2010), Hetket jotka jäivät (2006) and Père Lachaise - Nekropolis (1996).

Andell´s film Patron paints a portrait of Sara Hildén, an adamant businesswoman passionate about art and of her lifelong love for her former spouse, artist Erik Enroth.


Johan Eriksson

Director, The Road to Silverstone

Johan Eriksson gratuated in 2001 from brittish The National Film and Television School, Documentary Department. He has been working at YLE - the Finnish Broadcasting Company as a reporter on foreign affairs and documentary director, as well as at SVT - Swedish Television as a reporter on foreign affairs. He has directed more than 20 longer documentaries for Nordic, British and Arab TV networks. He has been living in Gaza and Jerusalem since 2003. 

His film The Road to Silverstone is a story about a team of young engineers who succeed in building the first Formula racing car in the Gaza Strip. 


Amir Escandari

Director, Pixadores

Amir Arasmes Escandari (1979) is born in Teheran. Escandari’s family left Iran when Amir was 7 years old. The family escaped the war in Yugoslavia to Finland and was granted asylum. Escandari has studied film in the university in Newport, Wales, in 2003 - 2007.

He has made several short films and the Pixadores screened at DocPoint 2014 is his first feature film.


Jouni Hokkanen

Director, Body of God

Jouni Hokkanen is an author, journalist and a film director. He has been studying subcultures since the 1980’s, written over thousand articles and directed 11 documentary films. 

DocPoint 2014 screens Hokkanen’s latest documentary Body of God. The film depicts the history of modern body modification from its beginning in the early 1940’s until its worldwide breakthrough in the 1990’s. It introduces also the central legends of the piercing scene as well as their extraordinary life stories.


Tonislav Hristov

Director, Love & Engineering

Tonislav Hristov (b. 1978) is a Bulgarian-born film director living in Finland. He has directed several tv-programs for YLE on emigrants living in Finland. His first documentary feature film, Rules of Single Life, was screened at DocPoint in 2011 and selected as the best documentary film in Sofia International Film Festival in 2011.

Hristov’s other works include Family Fortune (2009) and Soul Food Stories (2013). His film Love & Engineering is a documentary about the algorithm of love, launched by a bunch of engineers in a hope of finding true love or at least pairing fast. The film is the opening film of DocPoint 2014.  


Heikki Huttu-Hiltunen

Director, Instrument of Himmler

Heikki Huttu-Hiltunen (b. 1960) is a director, scriptwriter and playwriter living in Helsinki. He has directed following documentary films: Ailan aika (1994), Katso Ihmistä (1999), Henna Leu'dd (2001) and Spirit (2004).
Huttu-Hiltunen’s documentary Instrument of Himmler has its premiere at DocPoint. The film tells a story about a Finnish student who leaves for an expedition by foot from Paris to Helsinki and meets Heinrich Himmler in Germany. 

Mika Mattila 

Director, Chimeras

Mika Mattila was born in Helsinki in 1974 and graduated from the Art and Media Programme at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. His major was photography of film. Mattila has lived in China for years and worked as a cameraman in Asia. Nowadays he lives on two continents and travels often between Finland and Beijing.

Chimeras is a first film that Mattila has directed himself. The documentary depicts interesting lifestories and deep cultural analysis in the spirit of cinéma vérité.


Benjamin Oroza

Director, Voices of El Alto

Benjamin Oroza is a Finnish documentary film director, producer and musician. He was born in Helsinki in 1959. His Bolivian father gave him a second name, Väinämöinen, according to the Finnish folk legend. Oroza went to school in Finland, Bolivia, West Germany and United States. He studied film in Finland, in Helsinki University of Technology (TKK).

In the center of Voices of El Alto (2013), which will be screened at DocPoint 2014, is a story tent put up in El Alto, Bolivia. Random passers-by can step into the tent and tell their stories to the camera. Oroza’s other works include Kill City (1989) and Camarco amargo (1999).


Ilkka Rautio

Director, Wonder World of Ice

Ilkka Rautio (b. 1979) is a director living in Hanko. Ilkka has studied film directing and editing in Aalto University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. His previous works include the short documentary films The Elk Whisperer (2011) and The Treasured Waters (2008).

His documentary, Wonder World of Ice, is a story of a Chinese student who every day dresses up in panda costume to lure tourists into an amusement park situated in a skiing center. The film has its premiere at DocPoint 2014.


Juan Reina

Director, 6954 Kilometers to Home

The Finnish-Spanish Juan Reina, born in Helsinki in 1978. His film 6954 Kilometers to Home is screened at DocPoint 2014.

He is also the director of the films Albino United (2010) and Iseta: Behind the Roadblock (2008). In 6954 Kilometers to Home Reina brings whole new points of view to the subject of immigration while he follows the journey of Mukamusoni from Rwanda to Finland.


Miia Tervo 

Director, Santra and the Talking Trees

Miia Tervo’s (b. 1980) first student film Hylje - Seal (2005) won the first prize at the category for Finnish films at Tampere Film Festival. Little Snow Animal (2009) was awarded with the first prize in both Finnish and international film selection and gained many awards also outside Finland.

Santra and the Talking Trees, screened at DocPoint this year,  is a story of a rhyme chanter as well as a quest for a long since gone Karelian identity. Tervo visited Santra and filmed her during six years. The over-all material extended to 300 hours. The film depicts small moments of everyday life and uses as its means of storytelling also animated scenes and archive material.


Hannes Vartiainen ja Pekka Veikkolainen

Director, Emergency Calls

Hannes Vartiainen (b. 1980) has graduated from Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia as a film editor, whereas Pekka Veikkolainen (b. 1982) has studied graphic design at School of Crafts and Design (from 2010 on a part of Aalto University). The two have been friends since primary school and made together several experimental documentary films such as Hanasaari A (2009), Death of an Insect (2010) and Gates of Life (2012).

Their short documentary Emergency Calls is screened at DocPoint 2014. The film consists of recorded emergency calls from for example the sinking ship Estonia.