DOKKINO - Documentary Film Event for Children and Young


Image from the film I am a Girl! out of DOKKINO 2014 film selection.


DOKKINO – Documentary Film Event for Children and Young is a year-round, national documentary film event for children and young.

It gathers yearly over 8000 children aged 10-15 to enjoy creative documentaries in a cinema environment. Media and film education has been of great importance for DocPoint since the beginning of the festival, and over the years DOKKINO has evolved from the festival’s children’s programme into an independent media education event that is widely respected in the Finnish media education field.

The DOKKINO screenings are comprised of 3-5 European short documentaries which are complied around a yearly changing theme. There are separate series for children aged 10-12 and for children aged 13-15. In 2014 the theme of DOKKINO films is Over Obstacles. For example, we get to meet the charming Joppe, a 13-year-old girl who was born in a boy’s body, and follow the aspiring singstress Bente and her journey in the Voice Kids singing competition. This year’s films provide viewers with tools for pulling through perplexing issues and tough situations. At times, it takes more effort to overcome obstacles, while sometimes it is easier to negotiate them. All DOKKINO films are subtitled in Finnish.


During 2014, DOKKINO will visit 13 cities in Finland. The DOKKINO films are always screened in a movie theatre during the school day. The DOKKINO event in Helsinki alone, organised during the DocPoint festival week, gathered over 4000 viewers in January 2014. 


Over the years, DOKKINO has established its place firmly within both the Finnish media education field and the teaching community as an anticipated event which offers a carefully curated selection of quality documentary films about children’s life in different situations and different parts of the world. 

An integral part of DOKKINO is the didactic material that is provided. The material, which can be freely downloaded from our website, can be used in a number of school subjects, making it easy for teachers to incorporate the DOKKINO visit into their curriculum. The didactic material includes both assignments related to each film specifically, and more general questions about documentary film as an art form. Even a guide into making your own documentary film in included!


The media education experience can be deepened with a theme workshop, which DOKKINO offers to participating schools in cooperation with international development organisation, Plan Finland. These workshops are led by Plan’s Children’s Rights’ Ambassadours, and in the 1-2 hour long workshops the themes of the films are explored in depth from the point of view of children’s rights. DOKKINO also organises documentary workshops, where during 2 days, the youngsters get to plan, write, film and edit their own short documentaries, which then are premiered in the respective city’s DOKKINO screening. 

The workshops have proved to be an excellent way for children to learn about documentary film both as an art form and as a medium for social impact through making their very own short film. During the two-day workshop children get to familiarize themselves with all the different phases of filmmaking, from composing an idea to scriptwriting, filming and editing. In addition, current questions, such as questions about source criticism and intellectual property rights, are pondered upon in a very concrete way. After premiering on the big screen, the films can be seen on DocPoint YouTube-channel and the online community for young filmmakers, Kelaamo.


In Co-Operation

DOKKINO is supported by Ministry of Education and Culture and Arts Council of Finland. Cooperating partner of DOKKINO is Plan International. The DOKKINO events all around Finland are also supported by various cities.



 Further information:

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 DOKKINO producer
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